How to Deal with Prediabetes?


If you already know what is prediabetes, you are way ahead of many who may be suffering with prediabetes but don’t know anything about it.

So let us address what is prediabetes first!

What is Prediabetes?


Prediabetes is essentially the first stage of the diabetes and some doctors call it a precursor to diabetes!

During this stage, your body is signalling that it is either insulin resistance or at the beginning of reduced production of insulin. So pancreas may still be producing insulin but it may be slowing down. Since your blood sugar in this case have not increased to a high level, it is called prediabetes.

How to Deal with Prediabetes?


Anyone can deal with prediabetes successfully and in fact many people can reverse it by following a disciplined healthier lifestyle.

If you are serious about it and want to manage it properly, then you should pay attention to following:

  • Regularly take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor
  • Choose the right type of foods which can help you manage your diabetes properly
  • If you are overweight, start losing your weight immediately
  • Be physically very active
  • Manage your lifestyle by reducing the stress and may be you can start yoga to learn how to manage your stress if you lead a stressful life
  • Every day take enough sleep

When you are managing your prediabetes, you should keep in mind that you can control it with your dedication so that you don’t get diabetes. Your decisions taken every day will determine if you are going near to diabetes or far away from diabetes.

Any positive change you make to your lifestyle or your diet, will improve your glucose level, energy level and overall health.

Many people are very good in controlling their diet but they struggle with being active. So please keep in mind that diet alone is not enough. Proper diet combined with proper exercises will result into much better results for you. No matter what your age is, you can still do some sort of physical exercises. Any type of physical exercises you do improves your heart health which also helps in lowering your blood sugar.

Another reminder is that you should manage your stress because high stress means higher levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which is produced more by our body when we are in a dangerous situation and we need to take a quick action like escaping a predator. Cortisol stimulates the liver to produce glucose for extra energy. If you are stressed all the time, your liver keeps producing extra glucose all the time. Extra cortisol also suppresses your immune system, impacts your bone formations and increases insulin resistance.

Exercise is a great stress minimizer. When you feel physically active, you become emotionally stronger. Some people love doing yoga as well as meditation to manage their stress. Do what works for you as it can be an individual process for some. The best form of exercise is the one which you do regularly.

Is there Any Cure for Diabetes?












Many researchers and scientists are working very hard to find a cure for diabetes but it is still in the infancy stage.

While scientists and researchers are working hard to find the cure, we believe the best approach is by managing your lifestyle. Some doctors call it a holistic health approach.

Our Healthy Lifestyle Formula has been developed over the years by interacting with thousands of customers of our natural supplements which are provided by Activa Naturals, a sister company of Healthy Lifestyle Academy. During those interactions we realized that there is a common thread among all the successful diabetic folks i.e. successful users of our blood sugar formula shared that they are following a disciplined lifestyle.

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Our approach is based on a synergistic combination of right attitude, right mindset, right foods, right exercises and right supplements and this unique formula is known as Healthy Lifestyle Formula!

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