Symptoms of Diabetes and Complications!


Symptoms of Diabetes!

In the case of type 1 diabetes, total depletion of the body’s supply of insulin occurs and this results into tremendous thirst and dramatic weight loss.

In the case of type 2 diabetes, it can continue silently for many years before you notice it. During those years, it may even damage your internal organs without you even noticing it.

The common symptoms of type 2 diabetes are as follow:

  • You feel thirsty all the time - this is also known as unquenchable thirst
  • Excessive urination
  • You feel tired all the time
  • You lose weight quickly or gain weight quickly - unusual weight loss or weight gain
  • You lose your vision - some doctors call it fuzzy vision
  • You feel persistent tingling in the legs and feet

If you feel any of the above symptoms, you should ask your doctor the diabetes diagnostic testings so that you can rule it out. Early identification is much better than getting a surprise one day.

If you don’t pay attention and continue to ignore the diabetes, damage to your blood cells may lead to many serious complications.

Some of these diabetes complications may lead to shortening of your lifespan by many year!

Health Complications Due to Diabetes!


A short list of diabetes complications is shown below:

  • Retinopathy - diabetes may damage your retina which may lead to blindness
  • Neurological damage - it may lead to early dementia or cognitive impairment
  • Hardening of arteries - it may lead to many heart complications
  • Neuropathy - damage to cells due to diabetes which may lead to death of nerve cells commonly happens in the feet. If it is undetected and continues to spread, it has led to leg amputations for many diabetes sufferers.
  • Erectile Dysfunction - it may be due to poor blood circulation and decreased sensation.
  • Kidney failure - you may need dialysis in this case.

In simpler terms, every organ of the body is susceptible to damage from diabetes!

Is there Any Cure for Diabetes?












Many researchers and scientists are working very hard to find a cure for diabetes but it is still in the infancy stage.

While scientists and researchers are working hard to find the cure, we believe the best approach is by managing your lifestyle. Some doctors call it a holistic health approach.

Our Healthy Lifestyle Formula has been developed over the years by interacting with thousands of customers of our natural supplements which are provided by Activa Naturals, a sister company of Healthy Lifestyle Academy. During those interactions we realized that there is a common thread among all the successful diabetic folks i.e. successful users of our blood sugar formula shared that they are following a disciplined lifestyle.

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Our approach is based on a synergistic combination of right attitude, right mindset, right foods, right exercises and right supplements and this unique formula is known as Healthy Lifestyle Formula!

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