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During one conference, a doctor started his speech by saying that based on his practice, more than 50 percent of diabetes sufferers die of heart diseases. Most of the doctors agree that there are many tools now a days available to diabetics to help them manage their diabetes properly if it is diagnosed early!

If you are prone to diabetes because it runs in your family, you know you have those symptoms or you belong to one of those demographics where it is prevalent, it is always a good idea to go for full medical tests to see if you have prediabetes.

Once prediabetes advances to full-blown type 2 diabetes, it gets more challenging but still doable if you use the natural tools available to diabetics.

At Better Diabetes Control, we have two areas dedicated for diabetics i.e. www.BetterDiabetesControl.info for the membership where you can get step by step information on how to manage your diabetes naturally and the other one is this blog i.e. www.BetterDiabetesControl.org where you can get tons of free tips and useful information on diabetes.

When you join the Better Diabetes Control membership, you will learn everything about diabetes i.e. prediabetes, Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

For this article, we are going to focus on understanding Type 2 diabetes!

Learn About Type 2 Diabetes!


Type 2 diabetes is associated with both aging as well as obesity or overweight. With baby boomers aging and getting overweight, type 2 diabetes is becoming very common. Even though it is more common in certain population like African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans; anyone with genetic tendency and unhealthy lifestyle is at risk.

In simpler terms, type 2 diabetes is a condition where pancreas does not produce enough insulin.

In a normal body functioning scenario, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose which is what your body cells need to function. Glucose is also known as the primary source of fuel for producing energy. Glucose is carried by the blood to cells throughout the body. With the help of insulin, our body cells absorb glucose from the blood and convert into energy.

If you are suffering with type 2 diabetes, your body cells don’t receive enough fuel to produce energy no matter how much sugar you take. Even though you may be taking lots of sugar and it is floating in your blood but it cannot get into the cells where it is really needed. That’s why people with type 2 diabetes may suffer with common symptoms like fatigue, lethargy, and hunger.

Managing Your Diabetes Naturally!












Many researchers and scientists are working very hard to find a cure for diabetes but it is still in the infancy stage.

While scientists and researchers are working hard to find the cure, we believe the best approach is by managing your lifestyle. Some doctors call it a holistic health approach.

We have developed our own proprietary techniques where anyone suffering with diabetes or dealing with prediabetes, can learn how to manage their diabetes successfully through our healthy lifestyle formula!

Our healthy lifestyle formula is the combination of right attitude, right mindset, right foods, right exercises and right supplements!

Because we provide right ingredients to our body, mind and lifestyle by following the healthy lifestyle formula, it leads to a better and healthier lifestyle!

Our Healthy Lifestyle Formula has been developed over the years by interacting with thousands of customers of our natural supplements which are provided by Activa Naturals, a sister company of Healthy Lifestyle Academy. During those interactions we realized that there is a common thread among all the successful diabetic folks i.e. successful users of our blood sugar formula shared that they are following a disciplined lifestyle.

As we kept learning, we kept enhancing it and made it a mission to serve and share this information to everyone through our websites such as www.BetterDiabetesControl.info and www.BetterDiabetesControl.org.

Our approach is based on a synergistic combination of right attitude, right mindset, right foods, right exercises and right supplements and this unique formula is known as Healthy Lifestyle Formula!

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